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More Californians support health insurance laws these days

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by Glenn Tobleman
More Californians support health insurance laws these days
More Californians support health insurance laws these days

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been controversial to say the least since it was signed into law a few years ago. However, it seems that when it comes to acceptance of the health care law, and a belief that it actually helps Americans overall, the number of supporters is starting to grow.

Today, 56 percent of people in California say that they support the ACA, and 35 percent remain opposed to it, according to a new survey from Field Poll. The gap between backers and deriders has grown more than 33 percent during that time, to 21 percentage points from the previous 15. Moreover, 60 percent say that they think their state has done a good job putting the various aspects of the law into place, compared with just 30 who do not think this was the case. However, it should also be noted that the margin is much narrower when talking about the federal government's handling of the ACA, as only 49 percent think it has done a good job, versus 46 percent who do not.

Which aspects of the law have worked? Which haven't?
Meanwhile, there are still some problems facing consumers in the state, the report said. For instance, only 37 percent of Californians think their state has been successful in limiting insurance rate increases, which was a key component of the ACA, while 46 percent say the state has been wholly unsuccessful. Further, 46 percent of respondents noted that they still have trouble paying for their health coverage, with 17 percent saying it's "very difficult." However, that number is also down from 21 percent who responded the same way a year earlier.

Interestingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, it seems that a person's insurance status significantly informs their opinions on the law overall, the report said. For instance, 57 percent of those with insurance support the law, compared with 35 percent in the same category who do not. Meanwhile, only 42 percent of uninsured Californians back the ACA, compared to the 44 percent of those without coverage who remain opposed.



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