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Retiree Medical

L&E combines the insights of our experienced healthcare and pension actuaries to consult with clients nationwide to help them manage, fund and provide financial disclosures for their retiree medical and postretirement benefit programs.

The right solution for your company

Our consultants are experts in the field, and can help guide your organization – whether it be large, small, private or part of a government agency.

With decades of experience, L&E retiree medical consultants will work closely with you and your accountants to ensure accurate, complete disclosure of FASB ASC 715-60, IAS 19, FASB ASC 765, or GASB 45.

L&E is also an industry leader with respect to providing actuarial, financial and consulting support to Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations (VEBAs) and other independent trusts.

The unknown future

While recent federal healthcare reform legislation has provisions to help control future healthcare costs, there is no guarantee that your company will realize these benefits. L&E assists clients in analyzing and implementing leading-edge retiree healthcare plans and overall program design to reduce and alleviate the impact of increasing costs.

L&E offers guidance on possible alternatives to the liabilities and contributions associated with post-retirement benefits. The range of options include changing eligibility requirements, decreasing retiree subsidies, offering disease-management programs, and sharing cost increases. L&E models use cutting-edge scenario testing techniques so clients can assess potential outcomes and choose the best options for their company.


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