Lewis & Ellis Inc.


Vice President & Principal
Washington, D.C.

Brian Rankin has over 25 years of experience focusing on individual life and A&H business. Whether he is working with small or large companies, Brian listens carefully to the client’s requirements and helps create solutions that work today—and will work tomorrow. In terms of his small company expertise, Brian’s accomplishments speak to his hands-on approach: he has often been responsible for fulfilling every aspect of the client’s business needs, from product development to pricing, marketing, and administration. He is keen on helping a small company develop a product that will seize a niche market for that company. In addition to his experience with small firms, Brian has also been hired by large companies to develop innovative products and to perform experience analysis to enable these companies to fine-tune their products and even develop a second generation of products. In his work with mergers and acquisitions, Brian has evaluated blocks of business for clients to purchase, helping these companies to grow and expand their offerings. He also consults with large companies to help them with the transition to and integration of a new block of business. Always striving to stay ahead of the curve, Brian has experience in evaluating reinsurance agreements and completing competitive rate studies to help companies take advantage of the current insurance environment. Outside the actuarial arena, Brian is a long-time enthusiast of antique motorcycles and enjoys spending time with his family canoeing and camping.