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Senior Vice President & Principal
Consulting Actuary, Dallas

As a Managing Principal in the Dallas office, Scott provides a diverse range of actuarial knowledge to his clients. He has been a consultant to the insurance industry since his graduation from the University of Texas in 1981.

Scott has been a consultant with L&E in the Dallas office since 1987 serving as a partner since 1993.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.  He served as a Board Member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) for nearly five years starting in November 2005.  He has specialized his entire actuarial career in the life insurance area.  He has been working/serving the life settlement market since 2003 providing policy pricing, policy/fund valuations, and general consulting on an independent basis.  This work requires strong communication skills with non-actuaries. His ability to communicate actuarial and technical issues to non-actuaries is one reason Scott is so highly regarded in this arena.

Scott also continues to serve the life insurance industry.  This practice has centered on providing actuarial services to small, medium, and large sized family owned insurance companies. His experience includes activities such as product development, statutory valuation, reinsurance, modeling, experience studies, and cash flow testing. He serves as the appointed valuation actuary for numerous insurers.

Scott, a devoted family man with a lovely wife, four children, eleven grandchildren (and counting), and enjoys working on outdoor projects and activities.


Upcoming/Recent Professional Activities


Was a panelist for the Investor's Roundtable, Life Settlements & Longevity Products, at the 11th Insurance Linked Securities Summit in the Cayman Islands.

Was a panelist for the session on "Texas: Why is the Lone Star State Such a Magnet for Alleged Life Settlement Frauds?" at The Life Settlements Conference in Las Vegas sponsored by Deal Flow Media.

Spoke at the 16th Annual Spring Conference of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) in Washington D.C. on the first release of the LISA Common Actuarial Tables (CAT). Scott spearheaded the development of these tables while working with the industry's leading Life Expectancy Providers' actuaries. The development and release of these tables marks a giant step forward for the life settlement industry.

Scott and Jackie Lee moderated several sessions which included "Industry Best Practices" and "What Investors Can Find In This Market" at the Life Settlement Trade Mission in London, Luxembourg, and Zurich.

Appointed to chair the Data Transfer and Privacy Best Practices Committee of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) that has been placed in charge of developing a standard and format for the secure transfer and collection of highly sensitive life settlement information.

Moderated the session of the Investors' Summit on "Life Settlement Fund Managers - Long Term Investment Success" at the 15th Annual Fall Conference of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) in New York City. The session was well attended by nearly 150 of the major investors in the life settlement market.

Appointed to chair the Actuarial Committee of Life Expectancy Best Practices that has been placed in charge of deriving the underlying mortality table that will be the standard used in the life settlement industry in the measurement of life expectancy "actual-to-expected" ratios.

Re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) for another two-year term at their 14th Annual Spring Conference in Washington, DC.

Named to the Board of Directors of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA).

Addressed the Louisiana Insurers Conference (LIC) in San Diego. Scott spoke on "Life Insurance Valuation Issues".