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Scott Morrow brings over 16 years of actuarial consulting experience working out of the Kansas City office. Scott also worked for over 2 years at the London, England office of Lewis & Ellis on various longevity products for overseas clients.  He is a Fellow of both the Society of Actuaries and the Institute of Actuaries, as well as a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.  He is also a volunteer on several American Academy and SOA committees working on a variety of topics and research.

Scott is an expert in the pricing and evaluation of life settlement policy risks and has been providing actuarial expertise to the life settlements market since 2005, providing everything from policy pricing, premium optimization, general consulting advice and modeling of life contingent investment structures and the inherent risks and mitigation strategies associated with the structure.  Scott worked on the design and development of L&E's life settlement pricing and valuation system used within the Kansas City office, giving him a key insight into all the risks associated with the pricing and valuation of a life settlement transaction. Scott is an expert in the pricing and evaluation of life settlement policy risks.

He also has a unique insight and experience into the mortality experienced at senior ages, through work and mortality studies performed for various clients.  These include experience related to the mortality of individuals with impairments and the corresponding effect on the individual’s mortality.

Scott has worked with numerous companies in developing models used for appraisals and asset adequacy analysis. In addition, he also works on the visual interface for LEAPPS®, L&E’s Actuarial Pricing and Projection System. This provides him with a unique knowledge of the system, which he uses in assisting clients and L&E personnel with various questions that arise. His background also includes life and annuity product development, illustration testing, and statutory valuation.

Scott, in his free time, enjoys traveling, going to movies and spending time with friends and family.


Upcoming/Recent Professional Activities

Serves on the American Academy of Actuaries’ Life Settlements Practice Note Committee.  The Practice Note is intended to provide Actuaries with additional information on how to address issues related to the life settlement market.

Serves on the Actuarial Standards Board's Life Settlements Mortality Task Force.  This committee is in charge of creating a new Actuarial Standards of Practice (ASOP) on mortality assumptions for the life settlement market.  The ASOP is meant to give guidance to Actuaries working in the life settlement market on how best to perform A/E mortality studies.

Presented session 158 – Emerging Topics in Underwriting in Toronto, CA, presenting the preliminary results of the Emerging Issues in UW Survey.

Presented session 60PD – SOA Survey Committee Update at the 2018 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium in Baltimore, MD, presenting the results of the Early Duration Claims Survey, of which he was chair of the sub-committee.

Presented session 4b – New Industry Trends in Claims and Underwriting at the 17th Annual Association of Home Office Underwriters in Chicago, IL, presenting the results of the Early Duration Claims Survey, of which he was chair of the sub-committee.

Presented session 162PD – SOA Survey Committee Update at the 2017 SOA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, presenting the results of the Early Duration Claims Survey, of which he was chair of the sub-committee.

Presented A Nuts and Bolts Discussion About Combining Life Expectancies at the 23rd Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference of the Life Settlement Association in Austin, Texas.

Gave a presentation on the Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts - "Just what the heck are they?"  as part of a panel at the AICP 28th Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Gave a presentation on the 2015 VBT and the underlying effect on the life settlement industry with Liam Bodemeaid of Cambridge Guarantee and Perry Gillies of Lyric Services at the Institutional Longevity Markets Association Investor Summit on May 18 in Dublin.

Gave a presentation on Session 168 – Mortality Table Update on the 2014 VBT/CSO with Mary Bahna-Nolan, FSA, CERA, MAAA of Legal & General America and Dieter Gaubatz, FSA, FCIA, MAAA of Munich American Reassurance at the 2014 SOA Annual Meeting held in Orlando, FL.

Spoke on "Implications of Mortality Improvement in Product Pricing" at the NALC Fall 2012 Conference in Williamsburg, VA.

Presented the Annuity survey results portion of the SOA Research Department's Mortality Improvement Survey Webcast.

Serves on the SOA's Mortality Improvement Survey Subcommittee and is one of the authors of the Report of the Society of Actuaries Mortality Improvement (Life – Reinsurer), Report of the Society of Actuaries Mortality Improvement (Life – Direct), and Report of the Society of Actuaries Mortality Improvement (Annuity).  These reports present the results of the Mortality Improvement Survey for reinsurers of life insurance, direct insurers, and insurance companies and respondents who write annuity business conducted by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Committee on Life Insurance Mortality and Underwriting Surveys.

Appointed to the newly formed American Academy of Actuaries' Life Settlements Investment Work Group along with Roger Annin and Tim DeMars of our London & Kansas City offices.

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