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How a public health insurance option works [Video] [Video]

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How a public health insurance option works
How a public health insurance option works

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Public health insurance options have gotten a lot of headlines lately, but there's no single approach to implementing or administering them. There are some commonalities, however. And for anyone in the insurance industry, they're worth examining.

For example, all public options currently being considered nationwide relate to individual states running their own insurance programs, allowing certain residents to buy into them instead of seeking coverage through an employer or individual exchanges.

In Washington, which recently became the first state to pass a public option, officials project hundreds of thousands of residents would be eligible.

There are clear positives for consumers with a public option, such as lower costs and clearer coverage terms. meanwhile, some potential drawbacks include a negative impact for care providers and insurers in the state, as well as the possibility that people will have fewer treatment options.

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