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Lewis & Ellis Employee Spotlight: Katie Koch

Actuarial Profession
by Lewis & Ellis

Katie Koch, Consulting Actuary at Lewis & Ellis, has been with the organization for nearly a decade. But before starting her journey up the L&E ladder, her interest in all things analytical began from a young age.

"My parents were entrepreneurs with backgrounds in economics, human resources, and math education, so I grew up around business and analytical-minded people," said Katie. "When I learned that actuarial science involved rigorous mathematics, statistics, and solving business problems, I was immediately intrigued."

With 12 years of actuarial work experience under her belt before joining L&E in 2015, Katie found her groove in the world of consulting. "I think my unique background lends itself to the consulting realm because I feel that I genuinely understand and appreciate many perspectives," she said.

Those qualities in and of themselves have proved majorly beneficial to both Katie and L&E as she continues to progress her career — her capability to command actuarial science is, in a lot of ways, just a welcome addition to her emotional intelligence toolbelt.

A Day In the Lewis & Ellis Life

In the office, a typical day involves a mix of independent and collaborative projects, meetings, discussions, and networking — all to keep clients as a top priority and to explore new opportunities to help other organizations through actuarial services.

These tasks, which Katie notes are equalized nicely with her personal life for a healthy work-life balance, offered her just the right amount of flexibility — which has been a major key to her success at the firm thus far. "[Lewis & Ellis] allowed me the opportunity to maintain a work-life balance by offering me the flexibility I needed to keep the home front running as smoothly as possible, while simultaneously growing professionally," she said.

Katie also enjoys opportunities to give back to the actuarial profession by volunteering with actuarial organizations.

Overcoming Challenges With a Smile

Everyone faces challenges in their work, no matter the industry or field they're in. But for Katie, engineering an effective solution happens best when she doesn't spend too much of her energy dwelling on the problem itself, rather focusing that expenditure on problem-solving.

"I try to use my energy to solve the problem. A sign in my office that I reference when faced with a challenge says, "Be Positive, Dream Big, Be Kind, Work Hard, Stay Humble, Keep Smiling." I don't know who authored that, but it sums up how I strive to consistently operate," she said.

Conducting business on these terms helps Katie bring the most value possible to her work. "The most rewarding part about working in the actuarial field is bringing value to both the business of insurance and society at large," she said. "The world is a better place when there are people in it who can quantify risk and create products that can help society better manage that risk."

Up, Up, and Over the Top

Katie's inaugural role at Lewis & Ellis was simple: Be exposed to a variety of new projects to expand her knowledge base and practice areas. Well, she took that responsibility and ran, having since worked with clients across numerous practice areas while still contributing meaningfully to projects in the insurance pricing space where she built a lot of her industry experience.

Looking toward the horizon, continued growth is on the career docket for Katie, as well as creating exciting opportunities for a new generation of actuaries.

"I see myself continuing to serve my clients and to never stop learning new things," said Katie. "I am open to new technological developments and how actuaries can leverage these developments to solve problems. I am also eager to create opportunities for the younger generations who represent the future of L&E and the profession at large."

Lewis & Ellis, which has been operating for more than 55 years, is in good hands as it marches toward a century of service. "I want to be a part of helping L&E be successful so they can someday make it to 100+ years!" Said Katie. "I enjoy working with my colleagues and I am fortunate to be able to work with so many intelligent, hardworking, and kind professionals every day."

The 5-9 After the 9-5

When it's time to head home for the day, the sign in Katie's offices rings true outside of work, too. After work and on days off, she enjoys spending time with those close to her as well as volunteering in her local community.

Be positive, dream big, be kind, work hard, stay humble, keep smiling — at work and in life!



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