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Employers can do more to improve retirement benefits

Employee Benefits
by Steve Bryson
Employers can do more to improve retirement benefits
Employers can do more to improve retirement benefits

One of the major problems millions of workers across the country are now experiencing is that they're falling well short of their retirement expectation. Experts now say it may be time for their employers to do more to help them achieve those goals.

In general, it's believed that companies simply aren't doing as much as they could to make sure employees are getting the kind of retirement planning options they may need to ensure they have enough to cover their cost of living for years after they leave the workforce, according to a report from Life Health Pro.

Data recently compiled by the Employee Benefits Research Institute shows that workers these days have relatively little confidence about their chances to cover even basic costs of living once they call it a career given their current retirement savings. Experts say that this would not be the case if companies did more to help these people understand their needs when it comes to saving and planning.

In fact, even when basic retirement counseling is offered to workers through their standard benefits, they may not have the ability to have follow-up meetings with these experts, the report said. Many of these initial meetings are also not being conducted one-on-one with an advisor, but rather with a large number of workers, meaning that they don't get the individual attention they may need.

As such, it might be wise for employers who want their workers to feel better about their retirement prospects to review the ways in which they offer such plans and the access to experts who might be able to help them. Doing so may help companies not only improve their workers' prospects for retiring comfortably, but also improve their general satisfaction with their jobs.

Looking at all the possible options for expanding these planning programs so that employees feel they're getting the most out of them they possibly can may be wise for companies who want to encourage more participation in these programs going forward.



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