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People Want More From Home Owners Insurance[VIDE0]

by Our Team

More from homeowners insurance
More from homeowners insurance

The home insurance industry is a largely successful one, but a new poll shows underwriters may have to do more to satisfy policyholders.

Nearly three in four respondents to a J.D. Power survey say the home owners insurance industry needs to be improved, and sixteen percent say the changes should be "radical."

People generally wanted to see insurers offering new types of products and handle claims better, among other areas of improvement.

However, insurers do a number of popular things as well, such as offering bundled coverage and providing information about policies and claims online.

The poll showed what many insurers have likely found: That the consumers most proactive about dealing with their coverage are most likely to be satisfied with it. And as such, better outreach efforts may help them find new ways to boost satisfaction.



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