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Employees satisfied with benefits experience less stress

Employee Benefits
by Bonnie Albritton
Employees satisfied with benefits experience less stress
Employees satisfied with benefits experience less stress

These days, a larger number of companies across the country are becoming more active in offering their workers a growing raft of benefits, and in turn, they are being rewarded with happier and healthier employees.

Today, employees who say they're very satisfied with the benefits they receive from their companies are five times less likely to worry about financial or health issues cropping up without warning, according to the latest Benefit Trends poll from Met Life. However, it's also important to note that 44 percent of those polled said that they were concerned that their companies may reduce the benefits they're extended at some point in the future, and two out of three indicated similar concerns about being able to cover their health insurance costs and out-of-pocket medical expenses. Interestingly, though, this was largely a concern among those with little in the way of personal financial security. Three out of four of those who thought they might not be able to cover their out-of-pocket costs did not have at least three months' worth of salary saved up.

Consumers want more choices
In the past year or more, many employers have actually found more success in connecting their workers with benefits options that they could tailor themselves with a little more freedom, the report said. For example, about two out of three people who had the option of signing up for voluntary and supplemental health benefits felt that these made them more capable of managing their health care costs overall, and roughly the same number likewise responded that they were more financially secure. These people were almost two times more likely than those without voluntary benefits to categorize themselves as very satisfied with their benefits overall.

Moreover, employers may likewise be able to reduce their costs by offering wellness programs, the report said. Nearly three in five employees who are offered voluntary initiatives of this type participate in them, and many studies have shown that participation in these can help to drive down company-wide health care costs overall.

Companies that offer these benefits programs may want to highlight these and other benefits that such options can provide for businesses of all sizes and employees alike, as many on either side might now be looking for ways to keep their coverage costs as limited as possible under the new health care environment.



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