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Compliance Support

The need for consulting for compliance and filing functions is more important than ever before. State and Federal regulatory demands on the insurance and benefit industries are complex and fast paced resulting in a varied and demanding workload. Regulations can be complicated, which makes it hard to put policies in place with confidence. Noncompliance can put your reputation at risk. L&E handles regulatory issues successfully every day for insurers, health plans, and employers by being familiar with the laws and regulations in every state.

Compliance solution

As an industry leading consulting firm, we provide comprehensive assistance with all aspects of compliance issues. Starting with initial development and research all the way through to timely state approvals, we can manage all the details or do as much or as little as you need. Whether you require our assistance on a contractual or project-by-project basis, our broad knowledge, depth of experience and industry relationships afford us the ability to expertly address and resolve your compliance needs.


L&E offers a comprehensive array of services designed to streamline the compliance process, maximize efficiency and minimize hassles - no matter how many or in which states you do business. We are an authorized SERFF Third Party Filer with EFT capabilities. We apply our expertise and attention to detail in the compliance services we offer including:

Product expertise

Our compliance experience in both individual and group products includes:

The Right Compliance Consulting Choice

Whether you have a single research and filing request, a specific topic or project, or you plan to establish an ongoing relationship with us, L&E will tailor-make our compliance services to meet your specific and specialized needs.


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