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Financial Valuation Services: Reporting and Analysis

At Lewis & Ellis, our financial valuation professionals offer reporting and analysis consulting services to deliver precise, timely, and transparent insights that empower insurance companies and regulatory agencies to make more informed decisions.

Our dynamic actuarial team combines deep industry knowledge, mastery of regulations, and the latest analytical tools to ensure the accuracy and compliance of your financial reports.

Financial Services We Offer

Our valuation professionals have decades of financial valuation, reporting, and analysis experience. Working directly with clients and organizations like state insurance departments, Lewis & Ellis, LLC., offers unparalleled expertise and insight into industry best practices.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting and Valuation

When it comes to financial valuation and reporting, every detail matters.

Our valuation advisory team is comprised of senior actuaries with 25+ years of experience, helping create meticulous and comprehensive financial reports that align with local, national, and international regulatory standards, including:

We work diligently to ensure that your reports accurately represent your company's financial position and performance, facilitating stakeholder understanding and trust.

Specifically, we help our clients by providing:

Advanced Financial Analysis

Our business valuation service deploys advanced analytical tools, expert business valuation methods, and reputable financial reporting software to provide insightful and actionable data, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

Whether it's evaluating performance trends, assessing financial health, or predicting future outcomes, our analysis helps you navigate the complexities of the financial landscape to strategically guide your business.

Regulatory Compliance

With the constantly evolving insurance regulatory landscape, maintaining compliance can be challenging.

Our team of senior actuaries stays abreast of changes in regulations and standards to ensure your financial reports and policy forms remain compliant. An unwavering dedication to continued education and transparency allows us to advise and help prepare clients for important regulatory shifts coming down the pipeline.

Risk Management

Through our valuation advisory services, we can help your business identify and evaluate pressing financial risks, enabling you to implement effective risk management strategies and safeguard your financial stability.


Lewis & Ellis, LLC. will effectively analyze financial reinsurance programs to meet strategic capital needs. Whether related to deficiency reserves under term plans or overall business growth, we can search the market for an ideal provider. From there, our valuation advisory team will identify and negotiate treaties to bring maximum value to your company.

Streamlined Financial Processes From Beginning to End

Our team will review the current state of your business's financial processes, advising on the best ways to eliminate bottlenecks, enhance efficiency, ensure timeliness, and improve the accuracy of financial reporting.

FAQ About Financial Valuation, Reporting, and Analysis Services

What Is the Difference Between Valuation and Financial Analysis?

Financial analysis dissects a company's historical financial performance and current financial health. On the other hand, valuation aims to estimate the fair value measurement of an asset or liability based on future growth prospects, market conditions, and potential risks.

Do I Need Annual Financial Valuation Services?

If you're a business owner running an insurance company, you likely have a lot on your plate.

We recommend annual financial valuation, reporting, and analysis services to help deliver financial stability by estimating reserves and capital requirements and ensuring adequate regulatory compliance and risk management over long periods of time. However, valuations can also be done quarterly or monthly based on your needs.

Additionally, annual valuation advisory services help you maintain investor confidence and ensure policyholder protection.

How Long Does the Financial Valuation Process Take?

The duration of the financial valuation, reporting, and analysis process can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your company, the complexity of its operations, and the regulatory requirements in its jurisdiction.

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Tailored Financial Advisory and Support for Valuation, Reporting, and Analysis

At Lewis & Ellis, we understand that each business is unique. Our experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges, providing tailored support and advice. Whether it's resolving complex financial issues or advising on strategic financial decisions, our team serves as a trusted partner in driving your financial success.

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“Lewis & Ellis has provided actuarial expertise and guidance to American Fidelity for over 30 years. We rely on them for their expertise in a variety of topics - from reserving to pricing as well as overall market trends and sound business advice. The Lewis & Ellis staff is extremely knowledgeable, has great communication skills to all levels of the organization and provides real solutions to issues and/or problems. I have been very pleased with them as an actuarial consulting resource.”

-- Renee Bauer, FSA, MAAA, Vice President and Appointed Actuary - American Fidelity Group