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Financial Reporting and Analysis

Statutory and gaap actuarial reporting

L&E actuaries serve client companies in the role of Appointed Actuary and assist with other valuation issues. We assist you in completing all required regulatory reports. Our assistance can include complete reporting for the company or assistance with selected aspects of reporting. Specifically, we help our clients by providing:

Financial and actuarial analysis

It is important for a company to be able to analyze its current financial condition and future earnings capabilities. The ability to evaluate earnings potential by business segment and period can be a powerful management tool, enabling companies to avoid costly mistakes and seize current opportunities. We contribute to the understanding of financial condition through use of our proprietary corporate modeling systems.

We complete asset adequacy tests with corresponding opinion statements for many clients. Our approach meets all regulatory requirements and provides companies with meaningful information to improve performance through adjustments in future investment strategies. In addition, we prepare reports showing durational values for key liabilities by product type. These reports allow a company to manage investment strategies under varying business growth scenarios.

Our modeling systems are also valuable tool in pricing new products, checking illustration testing requirements and managing in-force dividend and crediting strategies. We build corporate models to forecast future results by detailed business segment. Reports allow companies to distinguish cost components and identify sources of earnings by line of business or product. We communicate results in such a way as to grant companies clarity and ownership of decisions to improve strategic operations. We have been highly effective in presenting company value to:

Financial reinsurance

L&E will effectively analyze financial reinsurance programs to meet strategic capital needs. Whether reinsurance needs are product related, such as deficiency reserves under term plans, or related to overall business growth, we can search the market for the ideal provider. We will identify and negotiate treaties to bring maximum value to your company.


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“Lewis & Ellis has provided actuarial expertise and guidance to American Fidelity for over 30 years. We rely on them for their expertise in a variety of topics - from reserving to pricing as well as overall market trends and sound business advice. The Lewis & Ellis staff is extremely knowledgeable, has great communication skills to all levels of the organization and provides real solutions to issues and/or problems. I have been very pleased with them as an actuarial consulting resource.”

-- Renee Bauer, FSA, MAAA, Vice President and Appointed Actuary - American Fidelity Group