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Comprehensive Employee Benefits Strategies

In the evolving landscape of health care reform and policy, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stands as a significant pivot point. Its implications, extending to public and private health insurance issuers, employers, health care providers, and insurance consumers, have reshaped the health insurance industry. Amid this change, L&E's actuarial services offer strategic insights, ensuring the most effective implementation of health benefit exchanges, rate review programs, and more.

Navigating the complexities of group health insurance and employee benefits can be challenging. At Lewis & Ellis, we are committed to making this process simpler and more beneficial for you. With our deep understanding of health and welfare benefits, we deliver tailored strategies that align with your company's goals and workforce's needs.

Creating Sustainable Employer Benefits Strategies

Our team of dedicated consultants is skilled at crafting sustainable employer benefits strategies. We start by comprehensively analyzing your existing benefits program, benchmarking it against industry standards, and identifying areas for enhancement. We guide you through the entire process, from understanding your unique needs to developing an optimal mix of benefits that promotes employee satisfaction while keeping costs in check.

Group Health Insurance and Self-Insured Health Plans

We specialize in group health insurance and self-insured health plans, offering insights that support your decision-making process. Our consultants conduct thorough feasibility studies to determine whether self-insurance is a suitable option for your organization. Furthermore, we assist in designing, implementing, and managing your health plan, ensuring it aligns with your budget and provides appropriate coverage for your employees.

Optimizing Health Insurance Cost Reduction

A primary concern for most employers is the rising cost of health insurance. At Lewis & Ellis, we focus on finding ways to reduce these expenses without compromising the quality of benefits. Through our extensive industry knowledge and strategic partnerships, we provide you with cost-effective solutions, including innovative approaches such as employee wellness programs and other preventative measures that can contribute to overall health insurance cost reduction.

Employee Wellness Programs and Communication Strategy

We believe in promoting a healthy workforce, which not only benefits your employees but can also result in reduced healthcare costs. Our consultants can help design and implement effective employee wellness programs, enhancing the overall well-being of your staff and fostering a healthy work environment. Moreover, we craft compelling communication strategies that educate your employees about their benefits, leading to higher engagement and utilization of wellness initiatives.

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

Navigating the regulatory landscape of employee benefits can be complex. We provide robust compliance and regulatory consulting services, ensuring your health and welfare programs are in line with current laws and regulations. From assisting with HIPAA Title II compliance to advising on the impacts of legislative changes, we help you mitigate legal risks while maintaining optimal benefit offerings.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Our expertise extends beyond health benefits. We also provide retirement plan consulting, assisting you in creating a comprehensive benefits package that can help attract and retain top talent. Whether you need advice on plan design, cost analysis, or compliance issues, our experienced consultants are ready to provide expert guidance.

At Lewis & Ellis, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service and innovative solutions to address your health and welfare benefits. Our goal is to help you design a benefits package that aligns with your organizational objectives, promotes employee health, and maintains fiscal responsibility.



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