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Leading Actuarial Consultancy in the Life Settlement Market

The life settlement market offers a dynamic blend of opportunities and challenges. At Lewis & Ellis, we're at the forefront, guiding clients to effectively manage risks and seize opportunities in the life settlements industry.

Across the life settlement landscape, a diverse range of clients trust our expertise. From life settlement providers and brokers to marketing groups, underwriters, state insurance departments, and court-appointed receivers, our consultancy services are highly sought after. We possess a deep understanding of the life settlement industry.

Expert Life Settlement Appraisals and Projected Cash Flow Analysis

At Lewis & Ellis, our skilled actuaries and consultants bring extensive experience to the evaluation of expected premium and maturity cash flows, by calendar year, for in-force blocks of life insurance policies.

Our comprehensive cash flow projections take into account key risk factors likely to impact expected mortality. These include diagnosis and life expectancy at the time of purchase, and can factor in alternative premium strategies such as premium loans or cash value reductions.

We strategically utilize cash flow projections to:

Expert Portfolio and Life Insurance Management Services

As industry-leading insurance experts, Lewis & Ellis offers invaluable guidance in defining strategies to maximize your life settlement portfolio’s value. Our team diligently identifies policy options aimed at reducing future premium outlays and pinpoints those policies delivering the highest returns to your portfolio.

For portfolios on the market, Lewis & Ellis provides critical assistance in assessing purchase offers, many of which propose returns based on ongoing maturities. Our comprehensive analysis of these offers equips you with the insights necessary to select the best offer in line with your objectives.

Comprehensive Support Services

Our team of actuaries and consultants at Lewis & Ellis offer valuable support to underwriting and marketing companies, significantly enhancing the production of new business in the life settlement industry. In addition to this, Lewis & Ellis is equipped to:

Trust Lewis & Ellis for comprehensive, expert support services in the life settlement industry, designed to optimize your business operations and success.


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