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Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies in the insurance industry have been able to maximize consolidation opportunities as a result of their relationship with L&E. Our reputation as a leading expert in mergers and acquisitions gives you an immediate advantage when buying or selling a block of business. 


L&E will assemble a cross-disciplinary team to evaluate virtually any merger or acquisition scenario. Our consultants can locate potential acquisition targets and our sophisticated models will deliver your management team with accurate projections and valuations of company assets and liabilities.

Our appraisals provide you an optimal tool for evaluating a block of business or an entire insurance company. Along with appraisal valuation, our models are frequently used for Purchase GAAP projections, tax valuation, and to analyze risk management alternatives based on your company parameters so that you can better evaluate the impact of an acquisition to your business plan.

Industry insight

As the M&A environment changes, L&E experts are at the forefront in understanding the implications of new regulations and evolving market conditions. Because so much is at stake, L&E explores every source of information to make sure nothing was missed. Our due diligence makes sure that everything appropriate to the task was thoroughly assessed.


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“The work performed by L&E relating to the valuation of the Company was both prompt and efficient. The final report was professionally written and concise.”

-- Michigan Department of Insurance