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Retiree Medical Actuarial Services

Navigating the complex landscape of retiree medical benefits can be daunting. At Lewis & Ellis, we simplify this process by providing comprehensive actuarial consulting services specifically tailored for retiree medical benefits. Our expert team of actuaries uses their deep industry knowledge to guide you in managing your retiree medical programs effectively and strategically.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Retiree Medical Liabilities

Understanding your financial obligations is the first step in managing retiree medical benefits effectively. Our skilled team of actuaries uses their expert knowledge of FASB and GASB rules to accurately assess your retiree medical liabilities. This thorough evaluation provides a clear financial picture, allowing you to make informed decisions for the benefit of your retirees.

Strategic Plan Design & Funding for Retiree Medical Benefits

Having a strategic plan in place is crucial for the successful management of retiree medical benefits. Our team at Lewis & Ellis assists you in designing a comprehensive plan that meets your financial goals and aligns with your retirees' needs. In addition, we provide tailored funding strategies to ensure your retiree medical benefits program is financially sustainable for the long term.

In-depth Cost Projections for Retiree Medical Plans

Accurate cost projections are essential for planning and budgeting purposes. At Lewis & Ellis, our actuaries draw on their extensive experience to provide you with in-depth cost projections for your retiree medical plans. Our detailed analysis enables you to forecast future costs accurately, helping you plan effectively for the financial sustainability of your retiree medical program.

Retiree Medical Benefits Compliance under FASB & GASB Rules

Navigating regulatory compliance can be complex, especially when it comes to retiree medical benefits. Our team at Lewis & Ellis is proficient in FASB and GASB rules, providing you with the guidance you need to ensure your retiree medical program is in full compliance. We help you understand and meet your regulatory obligations, so you can focus on providing the best retiree medical benefits possible.


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