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Moody's Analytics (formerly GGY) AXIS Pricing and Projection System

L&E has selected Moody's Analytics (formerly GGY) AXIS software as its primary pricing/projection/valuation software. AXIS was evaluated to be a robust solution for a multitude of applications, such as principle-based reserves. L&E is committed to providing its clients with professional services in a cost effective manner. AXIS is a great fit for our next generation of software. 

Axis expertise

L&E is well positioned to provide companies with support in converting their models over to AXIS. L&E has been using AXIS since 2007. In 2008 L&E committed to using AXIS as the primary pricing and projection system after utilizing internally produced software for nearly 40 years. Existing L&E pricing and projection models have been converted to AXIS. New projects are set up in AXIS. Over ten L&E consultants are actively using AXIS for our clients.

Typical projects

We pride ourselves on being able to apply our extensive insurance and modeling knowledge in a fast and efficient manner. We feel AXIS is the ideal actuarial tool to get the job done. The list below is just a few of the projects we feel qualified to perform:

Further information can be found at L&E AXIS Summary.

Software Solutions

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“I cannot say enough about the product, regulatory and industry knowledge that the people at L&E possess. They know our products inside and out and we use them for much more than strictly software development. I feel extremely confident in new product development and implementation with L&E.”

-- Robi Peterman, Director - Systems Applications, Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Company