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LE*CREDITADMIN™ Credit Administration System

LE*CREDITADMIN™?handles your Credit Insurance policy maintenance and reporting needs. This proprietary system is designed to add, process and maintain life, disability, accidental death and dismemberment Credit Insurance policies. Forms and reports provide convenient ways to access, validate and maintain individual certificates as well as generate necessary statutory and tax reserve valuations.

The relational database design supports ease of maintenance and custom modification and it allows any number of users to perform the various tasks of the system simultaneously.

Multiple lines of business

The system handles several lines of Credit Insurance products including:

Management analysis is simplified with reporting aids:

Reserve processing and reporting incorporates the following reserve methods…

…And produces reports for:


The flexibility of the system allows the Commission hierarchy and criteria to be tailored to the specific needs of the company.


Multiple levels of reinsurance reporting are built into the system with the ability to adapt to the clients particular needs.

Software Solutions

Consultants to Contact


“Solid documentation and communication of product updates and changes were key to timely and accurate system revisions.”

-- Tom Donaldson, Individual Product, Compliance and Illustration, Software DevelopmentManager Canada Life