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Prophet is a leading enterprise-wide actuarial modelling system that helps insurance and financial services companies meet reporting responsibilities, improve risk management, and develop more profitable products faster. Insurance's Prophet uses customizable actuarial libraries for all major product types, including regional variations.  It provides the transparency, performance and control required by today's actuaries and risk managers through integrated financial modelling and data management capabilities.  Over 10,000 users, across more than 850 customer sites, in more than 65 countries, rely on Prophet to model their firm's financial business.

GGY is a software company located in Toronto, Canada. Their primary business is developing, maintaining, selling and supporting AXIS which is a comprehensive actuarial modeling system for life insurance companies, that provides a complete and seamless integration of pricing, valuation and modeling.

GGY's staff is dedicated to maintaining and improving AXIS and supporting their clients' current and future requirements. GGY's team includes actuaries, systems development professionals and quality control specialists. They have no other distracting priorities or commitments. Training, documentation, full-time client support and on-going enhancements are included as intrinsic parts of the system.

L&E began using AXIS in 2007. We are now committed to using AXIS as our primary pricing/projection/valuation software going forward.

SLOPE is the cloud-native actuarial modeling platform revolutionizing the way actuaries build models, manage assumptions, and analyze results. SLOPE was developed to increase actuaries’ productivity and efficacy. By utilizing SLOPE, actuaries drastically reduce the amount of time needed to perform actuarial tasks, providing more time for more thorough and expansive analysis while simultaneously reducing costs tied to inefficient processes & bloated infrastructure.


SLOPE is unparalleled in its transparency, control, and ease of use. The platform provides a comprehensive actuarial ecosystem that unifies pricing, valuation, forecasting, and ALM teams onto a single platform and take full advantage of the SLOPE's powerful toolset. With a large library of pre-built asset and liability products across multiple regulatory frameworks at their disposal, actuaries can quickly begin working out of the box or building unique products from scratch with SLOPE's flexible model development capabilities. Embedded visualizations provide instanteous insights into results with the ability to drilldown and trace through values. Companies across the globe trust SLOPE to provide them with the efficiency and insights they need to accelerate their business.

Lewis & Ellis, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of GLOBACS (Global Actuarial & Consulting Services) as a new international actuarial and consulting brand.  Comprising long-established networks, EURACS (European Actuarial & Consulting Services) and NORACS (North American Actuarial & Consulting Services), as well as the recently-formed APACS (Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services), GLOBACS represents one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world.

Lewis & Ellis, Inc. is a representative of United States for EURACS, which has had close links to NORACS for many years.  The launch of APACS sees the three networks join together under a new worldwide brand, GLOBACS.  These networks consist of leading independent firms working collaboratively to deliver cross-border pensions, benefits and insurance solutions to their international clients.  EURACS alone offers services to clients through more than 1,000 qualified actuaries, consultants and other business professionals. 

illustrate inc is a privately held company and industry leader in the life insurance illustration software market in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. illustrate inc has grown steadily over the past 20 years as a result of its hard focus on addressing industry need for efficiency, effectiveness and speed to market for life insurance illustration software as well as mobile quoting solutions. With clients in Canada and abroad, illustrate inc continues to evolve to anticipate and meet the changing needs of the insurance and financial services industries.

L&E sold its Illustration Software Division to illustrate inc effective August 1, 2013.  L&E remains committed to its illustration clients and believes the combination of these two illustration leaders is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

ILMA is a not-for profit trade association focused on the longevity and mortality-related marketplace. By creating innovative capital market solutions, ILMA members seek to expand consumer choice in one of their most important assets - their life insurance. The Association is a leader in establishing best practices and in raising awareness about this growing and vital industry.

We are a member of the Inter-Company Marketing Group. It is the only nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting successful joint ventures for the distribution of insurance products. It was formed in 1985 to foster the development of strategic alliances between insurance companies and distributors by providing a networking platform for existing and prospective partners, as well as information, education, and resources related to successful strategic alliances.

The Life Insurance Settlement Association is the major association group representing the greatest number of and the largest companies in the industry. Its mission is to promote the development, integrity, and reputation of the life settlement industry and to promote a competitive market for the people it serves.

The National Alliance of Life Companies (NALC) is a national trade association of stock and mutual life and health insurance companies. The NALC provides member companies with timely and accurate information useful in the day to day conduct of business and is dedicated to providing a forum in which member companies may work with regulators and legislators to promote fair and effective regulation of the life and health insurance industry, while allowing for a reasonable return to policyholders and shareholders.

L&E is active in the NALC.

We are a member of North American Actuarial and Consulting Services, which is an association of independent consulting firms offering actuarial, employee benefit, and compensation services. NORACS members have direct access to the EURACS network of European consulting firms. This combination represents one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world. Our membership provides us partners in the following areas.

  • Employee Benefits
  • International Benefits Consulting
  • Merger, Acquisition, and Divestment Consulting
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Investment Services
  • Compensation and Human Resources
  • Executive Benefit Planning

The Society of Financial Examiners is a professional society for examiners of insurance companies, banks, savings and loans, and credit unions. SOFE has a membership of over 1,700 representing 50 states, District of Columbia, Canada, Aruba and Netherlands Antilles. SOFE is the one organization where financial examiners of insurance companies, banks, savings and loans, and credit unions come together for training and to share and exchange information on a formal and informal level.

L&E is an associate member of SOFE. SOFE established the Associate Member program in order to confer recognition upon those business executives who have never been financial examiners, but show support of professional regulation and the Society, its programs and objectives, deserves a meaningful status in the Society.

The Texas Association of Life & Health Insurers ("TALHI") is the result of a 1997 merger between the two largest life and health insurance trade associations in Texas. The previous entities, the Texas Life Insurance Association and the Texas Legal Reserve Officials Association, had roots in the insurance industry association business as long ago as 1919 and 1948, respectively.

This merger allowed TALHI to unite a majority of the life and health insurers doing business in Texas, both domestic and foreign, thus giving the industry a larger presence and a bigger voice in legislative and regulatory matters in the State.

The Association remains an open-door trade organization which boasts the involvement of some of the State's most progressive life and health insurance company officials...united together for the mutual benefit and development of a stronger, healthier life and health insurance industry in the State. L&E is a proud member of TALHI.

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