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Managing property and casualty risk in today's business environment calls for a special combination of an attention to detail and a vision for the future. The ability to focus and look ahead, anticipate contingencies, and take effective action can make the difference between survival and success.

Liability estimates / reserve valuation

The value of our work comes from the sophistication of our actuarial projections and the clear communication of our results. L&E assists clients by identifying the key assumptions, explaining the potential variability, and describing the impacts.

Our clients rely on us for:

Reinsurance the right way

Only L&E can allow you to effectively analyze reinsurance programs from every angle. L&E’s experts offer state-of-the-art stochastic tools that measure the range of potential outcomes—not only simple averages—to closely examine the details to arrive at viable suggestions for maximizing your company’s retention relative to your risk assumption capacity.

Our offerings include:

Pricing and loss forecasting solutions

Our clients turn to us for help because they know we not only deliver innovative essentials, but also a clear understanding of the industry’s latest trends and practices. L&E offers in-depth experience, technical expertise, and market knowledge to our clients for their strategic pricing decisions.

Regulatory filing requirements vary significantly by state and by product. We prepare and submit state rate filings on behalf of our clients and work with them to respond to questions from state insurance departments.


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-- Dan Costello Vice President - American Life Insurance Company