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Statistical Consulting

L&E statistical consultants offer clients a broad range of practical skills to help them understand and adapt to every situation. L&E possesses extensive knowledge and experience in providing clients with innovative and cost-effective answers. L&E uses extensive technical training and specialized knowledge to help identify clients’ needs and to analyze immediate or potential issues. Using imagination and available resources, L&E develops creative and workable solutions to solve any identified problems. All during the working relationship, client communication establishes a basis for effective decision-making.


L&E’s team of consultants offer expert statistical and design support in an assortment of areas, including:


L&E’s consultants are versed in a variety of statistical software packages as well as other useful programs that provide clients the confidence that L&E has the tools necessary to perform any type of analysis. L&E’s software expertise includes, but is not limited to:


Whether clients are interested in basic descriptive analyses to uncover correlations or more advanced statistical methodologies to ensure statistically sound outcomes, L&E consultants strive to provide accurate results while enabling clients to understand the techniques employed to obtain their solutions. L&E is committed to meeting clients’ highest standards and to working with them to help achieve their goals. L&E’s knowledge and experience assures clients that nothing is overlooked. Through a process of communication, review, and analysis, L&E’s statistical consultants deliver results to clients and ensure their project is a success.


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