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Expert Testimony

Trusted actuarial authority

L&E is a trusted source for expert-witness testimony. Our broad knowledge and reputation for unbiased, independent advice lends credibility to our clients' side of any legal dispute. L&E actuaries reduce even the most complicated reality to its fundamental elements. We take great pride in our ability to apply our talent, knowledge and experience to a single challenge. Our focus on identification, evaluation and quantification of economic risk as a cornerstone of actuarial science, serves as a solution for our clients:

Incomparable integrity

L&E actuaries adhere to the profession’s Actuarial Standards of Practice to meet exacting professional qualifications and ethical standards before accepting an assignment or providing any testimony. We act honestly, with integrity and competence, in a manner to fulfill our profession's responsibility to the public.

We believe contingency fees may interfere with objective and ethical conduct; therefore, we maintain the same fee structure for expert testimony as we do for other services provided.

AREAS OF ACTUARIAL EXPERTISE: As insurance industry experts, L&E actuaries provide key support in the understanding, evaluation or resolution of conflict involving insurance issues. Although we are always searching for new areas to apply our expertise in the insurance and financial risk arenas, we have provided expert testimony for:

We are specifically trained in the evaluation of future unknown risks such as death and disability. We are also experts in the determination of the time value of money. By combining these two proficiencies, we construct actuarial models which reduce a complicated reality to its fundamental elements.


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“I can genuinely say that you and your team are extremely professional, highly responsive and deadline oriented.”

-- Dan Costello Vice President - American Life Insurance Company