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Trusted Actuarial Expertise

Lewis & Ellis stands as a trusted authority for expert-witness testimony in the insurance industry. Our vast knowledge and reputation for impartial, independent advice bring weight to our clients' side in legal disputes. Our actuaries distill even the most intricate matters to their fundamental elements. We apply our skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver solutions, focusing on the identification, evaluation, and quantification of economic risk, a cornerstone of actuarial science.

Our clients include:

Unwavering Integrity

Our actuaries adhere to the Actuarial Standards of Practice, meeting rigorous professional qualifications and ethical standards. Acting honestly, competently, and with utmost integrity, we commit to upholding our professional responsibility to the public. We maintain a consistent fee structure for expert testimony as we do for our other services, believing that contingency fees could potentially interfere with objective and ethical conduct.

Areas of Actuarial Testimony Expertise

As experts in the insurance industry, Lewis & Ellis actuaries provide crucial support in understanding, evaluating, or resolving conflicts involving insurance issues. Our proficiency extends across various areas in the insurance and financial risk sectors. We've delivered expert testimony in cases involving:

At Lewis & Ellis, we provide reputable actuarial expertise, delivering trusted expert-witness testimony across a range of insurance industry cases. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and professionalism ensures we meet rigorous ethical and quality standards.


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“I can genuinely say that you and your team are extremely professional, highly responsive and deadline oriented.”

-- Dan Costello Vice President - American Life Insurance Company