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Life Insurance & Annuities

The life insurance and annuity marketplace is very competitive with a variety of challenges. The needs of investors, employees, producers and policyowners are complex and continually changing. It is important that companies in this business understand the risks involved and the necessary steps to protect their companies, while complying with many regulatory and financial requirements of state, federal and international regulations.

We are your total actuarial solution, specializing in:

Product development & management

Whether it’s developing new products or managing in-force business, we work closely with you to anticipate product needs and to stay a step ahead of your competition. We design and develop all types of insurance products, beginning with supportable actuarial assumptions upon which to base the plans and concluding with premium schedules, rates, values, policy forms and filing support.

Long-term success depends on managing your business to attain the profitable results envisioned for your market. Our documentation of business assumptions allows easy tracking of actual versus expected results so that critical adjustments to premiums, dividends, credited rates and/or charges can be made on a timely basis.
We project the costs and benefits of each market, including the all-important “do’s and don’ts” that can spell the difference between success and failure.

Financial reporting & analysis

A fundamental role for an actuary is to serve as Valuation or Appointed Actuary. L&E actuaries serve many client companies in the role of Appointed Actuary and assist client companies with a myriad of valuation issues. We assist you in completing all required regulatory reports.

Our clients rely on us for:

Our modeling systems are valuable tools for a company to be able to analyze its current financial condition and future earnings capabilities. The ability to “slice and dice” earnings potential by business segment and period can be a powerful management tool, enabling companies to avoid costly mistakes and seize current opportunities.

Illustration testing

We test all nonguaranteed products using proprietary software and provide the actuarial certifications necessary for filing under Illustration regulations. If product changes are required, we will outline options to help you maintain competitive products while meeting filing requirements.

Policy forms and filing support

Well-drafted policy forms and applications can eliminate unintended consequences. We draft policy and rider forms and provide documents and information required for filing with state insurance departments. We respond to regulatory questions in a professional and timely basis to encourage quicker approval times.

Reinsurance the right way

Reinsurance plays an increasingly vital role in helping companies accomplish their financial objectives. We bring our clients valuable clarity in reinsurance structures, from renewable term death benefit protection all the way to financial reinsurance. We closely examine the details of treaties to arrive at viable suggestions for maximizing your company’s retention relative to your risk assumption capacity.


We help you set compensation structures and target objectives that translate into competitive products for the market. We have the connections necessary to realize a quick entry into defined markets.

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“Lewis and Ellis, Inc. has been the consulting actuaries for Guaranty Income Life since Dan Ellis and Bill Lewis formed the company in 1968.

L & E has provided consulting advice, product development services, reserving, reinsurance and Cash Flow testing expertise for over 40 years.

Their knowledgeable actuaries have worked with our producers, regulators and industry associations to provide leadership and skills to handle the multitude of changes and opportunities in the insurance industry.

L & E is a most valuable ally and prized resource in guiding GILICO and many other companies to successful business results.

We hold them in the highest esteem.”

-- John Lancaster, President & CEO, Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company