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Navigating the life insurance and annuity marketplace can be challenging due to its competitive nature and continuously evolving dynamics. The needs of investors, policyholders, employees, and producers are multifaceted and constantly changing. It's crucial for companies operating in this sphere to grasp the inherent risks and take the necessary protective measures. This includes compliance with state, federal, and international regulatory and financial requirements.

At Lewis Ellis, we position ourselves as your comprehensive actuarial solution, offering expertise in a broad range of life insurance and annuity products:

Product Development & Management

Our proficiency extends to product development and management. Whether it's designing new life insurance policies or managing existing annuity contracts, we collaborate closely with you to forecast product requirements and stay one step ahead of the competition. Our process encompasses everything from creating actuarial assumptions for plan foundations to concluding with premium schedules, rates, values, policy forms, and filing support.

Long-term success in the life insurance and annuity industry depends on adept business management to achieve profitable outcomes. Our documentation of business assumptions enables easy tracking of actual versus projected results. This ensures critical adjustments to premiums, dividends, credited rates, and/or charges can be implemented in a timely manner.

We provide comprehensive insights into the costs and benefits of each market, as well as essential guidelines ("do's and don’ts") that can mean the difference between business success and failure.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

A core function of an actuary is to serve in the role of a Valuation or Appointed Actuary. Our expert team at Lewis Ellis plays this vital role for numerous client companies, helping them navigate complex valuation issues. We offer specialized assistance in completing all necessary regulatory reports.

Our clients rely on our comprehensive services, including:

Our sophisticated actuarial modeling systems serve as invaluable tools for companies seeking to analyze their current financial condition and predict future earnings. Our systems provide the capability to examine earnings potential by business segment and period, proving to be powerful tools for effective financial management. They enable companies to sidestep costly errors and capitalize on existing opportunities in the life insurance and annuity marketplace.

Illustration Testing

At Lewis Ellis, we specialize in illustration testing for all non-guaranteed life insurance and annuity products. We conduct rigorous tests and provide the required actuarial certifications for filing under illustration regulations.

Should there be a need for product modifications, our team of expert actuaries will outline strategic options to assist you. Our goal is to help you maintain competitive life insurance policies and annuity contracts while adhering to regulatory filing requirements. We aim to offer seamless illustration testing services, prioritizing regulatory compliance and the competitiveness of your financial products.

Policy Forms and Filing Support

Well-constructed policy forms and applications are crucial in the life insurance and annuity industry to prevent unintended consequences. At Lewis Ellis, we specialize in drafting comprehensive life insurance policies, annuity contracts, and rider forms. We also supply all necessary documents and information required for filing with state insurance departments.

Our team of experienced consultants is adept at addressing regulatory queries in a professional and timely manner. This proficiency not only ensures regulatory compliance but also encourages faster approval times. Trust us to provide seamless policy forms and filing support services that align with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Reinsurance Services: The Right Approach

Reinsurance plays a pivotal role in aiding companies to achieve their financial objectives in the life insurance and annuity industry. At Lewis Ellis, we bring our clients invaluable insight into various reinsurance structures, from renewable term death benefit protection to sophisticated financial reinsurance strategies.

Our team of seasoned actuaries meticulously scrutinizes the fine details of reinsurance treaties. With this rigorous examination, we develop practical suggestions aimed at maximizing your company's retention in relation to your risk assumption capacity. Trust our expertise in reinsurance services to guide your way towards optimal financial planning and risk management.


At Lewis Ellis, we assist our clients in defining compensation structures and establishing target objectives that translate into competitive life insurance policies and annuity contracts for the market. Our comprehensive understanding of the life insurance and annuity industry, combined with a robust network, enables us to facilitate swift entry into defined markets.

Leverage our expertise and connections in insurance distribution services to launch competitive products and efficiently penetrate your target markets.

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“Lewis and Ellis, Inc. has been the consulting actuaries for Guaranty Income Life since Dan Ellis and Bill Lewis formed the company in 1968.

L & E has provided consulting advice, product development services, reserving, reinsurance and Cash Flow testing expertise for over 40 years.

Their knowledgeable actuaries have worked with our producers, regulators and industry associations to provide leadership and skills to handle the multitude of changes and opportunities in the insurance industry.

L & E is a most valuable ally and prized resource in guiding GILICO and many other companies to successful business results.

We hold them in the highest esteem.”

-- John Lancaster, President & CEO, Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company