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Financial Examinations

At Lewis & Ellis, our dedicated consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of regulating life, health, and property & casualty insurance companies. Our professionals, who have spent their careers fostering the development and upholding of current regulatory laws and regulations, are adept at managing the complexities that come with these disciplines.

In-depth Examination Expertise

At L&E, we conduct risk-focused surveillance financial examinations for a diverse set of insurance departments, adhering to the standards laid out in the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook. Our proficiency ensures not only compliance with these standards but also a comprehensive understanding of NAIC accreditation norms.

We boast a competent team skilled in employing risk-focused surveillance tools and exhibits. Furthermore, as licensed TeamMate users, our proficiency is unmatched. Our examination team is composed of:

Expansive Industry Expertise

Apart from financial examinations, Lewis & Ellis extends a broad spectrum of consulting services aimed at aligning with your objectives, refining the quality of insurance regulation, and most importantly, safeguarding your consumers.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses:

At Lewis & Ellis, we offer an integrative approach to insurance consulting, leveraging our industry expertise and commitment to customer service to deliver customized, effective solutions for our clients.


Consultants to Contact


“L&E consultants always carry themselves with the utmost professionalism and character, and significantly contribute to the examination process. I do not hesitate to recommend their services.”

-- Michigan Department of Insurance