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Financial Examinations

L & E consultants understand the complexities of regulating life insurance, health insurance and property & casualty insurance companies. Our examination consultants and actuaries have built their careers observing and facilitating the process of establishing new and maintaining current regulatory laws and regulations.

Examination expertise

L&E performs risk-focused surveillance financial examinations for various insurance departments. Examinations are conducted in accordance with the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and with a thorough understanding of the NAIC accreditation standards.

The L&E team has expertise in risk-focused surveillance tools and exhibits, and is a licensed TeamMate user. The examination team consists of:

Breadth of knowledge

In addition to financial examinations, L&E provides a wide range of consulting services that efficiently and effectively meet your objectives, improve the quality of insurance regulation, and ultimately protect your consumers.

Our service offerings include:


Consultants to Contact


“L&E consultants always carry themselves with the utmost professionalism and character, and significantly contribute to the examination process. I do not hesitate to recommend their services.”

-- Michigan Department of Insurance